REPeformance Powers OHF/OHL U15 Power of Excellence Sudbury Camp

REPeformance Powers OHF/OHL U15 Power of Excellence Sudbury Camp

The ‘Program of Excellence’, in it’s 12th year has served as an introductory experience to hockey families as to what can be expected at the next level. The goal of the weekend is provide the next wave of hockey prospects with as much knowledge to put them on a path in becoming their best. 
The program serves as a well-rounded weekend with on ice components as well as off-ice seminars pertaining to mental health, preparation, nutrition and of course fitness testing. 

Fitness testing portion of the program included measuring: broad jump, single leg jump, chin-ups, vertical jump and 20M sprint.

The prevailing trend in sports these days is ‘analytics’. Recording accurate data, in turn producing well-informed decisions. With the margin of error razor thin for athletes to “make it”, a commitment to development is strengthened with a clear plan to improve weak areas. REPerformance‘s fitness testing software was implemented for the May 25th leg of the camp held in Sudbury.  The software provides managers and coaches a tool to evaluate their athletes strength and conditioning levels. Within minutes, rosters are uploaded, fitness tests set-up and results provided instantaneously. Coaches, players and parents all included in the process in receiving data. The primary emphasis is to spend time evaluating data, opposed to juggling time recording and organizing said results. 

The value implementing such a software is utilizing preparation time to actually prepare! Knowing where you stand physically as an athlete, serves as your benchmark for improvement. REPerformance is aiming to provide those insights, one rep at a time. 

REP Team

To find your path to Excellence, check out our Team Fitness Testing Software! 

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